Sunday, November 13, 2005

What a great game!

Speculative Catholic has come up with a great way to have a good time defending the faith, even if you are stuck dealing with a frothy fundie or similar. Obviously, no one minds debating a respectful and intelligent Protestant who nevertheless disagrees with the Catholic Church. However, if you discover that the other fellow is a rabid anti-Catholic Protestant, take out your handy-dandy Bingo card. Mark the squares every time you hear a formal logical fallacy (Traditions of men), vapid historical inaccuracy (Bible Reading Forbidden), or incredible distortion of what the Church actually teaches (Mass sacrifices Christ again and again).

My favorite has to be "Statue Worship." You can explain that having statues is like keeping photographs of family members and other people you love, and that Catholics don't worship them any more than Protestants worship the old black and whites of Grandma Betty they have in their photo albums. You can point out in the Bible where God actually commands the Israelites to create images to adorn the Tabernacle; you can point out the verse where Solomon decorated the walls of the temple; it makes no difference. You should give it up. All you can do is mark your square and anticipate screaming "Bingo!"

Check out the comments on Speculative's thread, they're quite good.

Found it via The Curt Jester.


  1. Haha, I love it, I want to use it, and I'm not even Catholic! :)