Monday, November 21, 2005

Wrapped it up

My finals are finally over. I am fairly confident I got As on three of them; my feature writing assigment could go either way ... ehhh ...

However, I'm glad to finally be heading home, although home is a lot more emotionally stressful than school. In some ways, coming back to Athens in six weeks will be like returning to an oasis of normalcy and peace ;) Still, I really miss my folks and my kid brothers. Home has its own "normal," too, which has a particular charm for me. I had Fridays off this quarter, so I was intending to come home more often on weekends. Alas, things kept coming up, and then my work schedule started to interfere...

Of course, I hope all the semester system people are madly jealous of the quarter system freaks ;) I really don't mind studying into June, if I get a long Christmas holiday! Of course, I say that now, whereas in May I will commence whining about how Ohio is being its typically backward self and should get into line behind the sem-schedule schools.

I said adieu and Merry Christmas to my priest at Mass yesterday. I know that in the old calandar, yesterday was just the last Sunday in Ordinary Time, but ... I kind of like the way it is now, finishing up with the white vestements and the Roman Canon of the Feast of Christ the King. Maybe it has to do with the fact that it's always my last Sunday in Athens. Maybe I just get sick of the Second Eucharstic Prayer from other Sundays. I don't know if the old way was more theologically accurate, which would make a difference. But I like the "new" arrangement, for sure!

Ah well ... now I've got to get ... Packing! Yes, I let it go until the last minute. You would be disappointed if I didn't, wouldn't you?

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  1. Of course you got A's Maggie.

    YOU ALWAYS GET A'S! (Gah, you make me sick. :P)

    Happy Thanksgiving!