Tuesday, December 20, 2005

It's all done

My job, I mean. I got sent home early on Monday and then I got a phone call from Kelly Services, thanking me for my hard work and noting that they would keep an eye out for more temporary assignments. I could kind of see it coming - the Christmas rush is over, so they needed fewer gift-wrappers at GQ. Monday I was practically sleeping through the work - that's the Kelly Rule: When one's work day is not hellishly busy, one knows that the assignment is coming to an end ;)

I have forgotten to mention that one of my little brothers, Andy, "the good-looking one" (as opposed to my other little brother, Arthur, "the smart one"), was recently accepted into Miami University in Oxford, Ohio. That's right, the kid who did worse than me - ME! - in high school got into the Harvard of Ohio, one of the Public Ivies. No one is quite sure how it happened. He applied Early Admission, or whatever it's called, which raised his chances considerably. Still, his GPA was around 3.0, and the average for Miami is 3.7.

And I remember when Mother drafted me to help Andy revise his entrance essay. Argh! It did not go well. Some people have a gift for the pen and some do not; it certainly wasn't his writing that got him in. Perhaps it was the fact that he's with the USMC that impressed the Miami Officialdom so much.

Anyway, it is absolutely wonderful that he got in. Mother was Thrilled, Thrilled, Thrilled - actually weepy thrilled. From what I've heard, Miami's culture is very much like Hudson's - upper-middle class, preppy, etc. In fact, about twenty kids from Hudson High School decide to matriculate at Miami every year. So I assume he'll slide into his new home in Oxford quite easily.

Now, of course, Miami University and Ohio University are mortal enemies, at least on the playing field. Next year, for the (hopefully) one quarter when our collegiate careers overlap, Andy and I will have more reason than ever to antagonize each other ;)


  1. Wow, I would think they'd have kept you on until at least Christmas Eve - there's bound to be a nice rush with all the people who wait for the last minute! Oh well, now you have some time to relax before the holiday.
    Congrats to your brother! But you see, the reason Hudson's culture overlaps with Miami's is because Miami is populated with Hudsonites! It's like the high school moves to Kent, OU and Miami (haha :P)

    Carli and I wanna have some girl time Friday night, you game? Email me!

    Merry Christmas!!! I'll see you later!

  2. Congrats to your brother! (Is he allowed to drive again now that he got in? Lol!)

    Naw, you didn't have work most of this week and you never called me? So not right, lol.

    You go back on the... 2nd? Or something?

    If I decide not to go tomorrow, I still NEED to see you and Betsy before you scatter again.