Thursday, December 15, 2005

Library sale day!

The Friends of the Hudson Library had their sale today, which basically makes it like Christmas Day for me! My mother drove over after I finished up at work - my back was killing me (it was another "no breaks or lunch" quality day on the assembly line) but it was also the last library sale of the month. So I had to go, or I would be kicking myself.

We got in about half an hour before the close, but there were still quite a few good books left. I mostly picked up some classics: a copy of Wilde's The Picture of Dorian Gray, Wilkie Collins' The Moonstone, Mark Twain's Roughing It, and Lord Jim by Joseph Conrad. I also got Journey of a Soul, the diary of Bl. Pope John XXIII.

I should add that Mother found a copy of My Cousin Rachel - alas, it was not a first edition, only a second! Then she started asking me if I ever had a daughter, wouldn't I name her Daphne? I have to say, no, I wouldn't, as the first Daphne who comes to mind when I hear the name is not the literary angel of the du Mauriers but rather that red-headed physical therapist character on Frasier. ;)

My main disappointment was a 50 cent copy of The Brothers Karamazov. Everyone from high school no doubt remembers my obsession with Russian lit - and Karamazov was, in fact, my favorite book before I read Death Comes For the Archbishop during my sophomore year of college. Alas, as I was examining the book later in the evening, I discovered that it was an abridged edition. It figures; I thought it was a rather slim volume when I picked it up. Oh well :(

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