Monday, January 16, 2006

Happy MLK Day

The university is closed today, as I assume most places are. This means that

1.I had the opportunity to go to daily Mass (After which I recieved a hug from one of the little old ladies) and
2.I will only have my deadly dull Graphics class three times this week, instead of four!

I should say that my Graphics lab, which is on Wednesday, is not deadly dull at all. The instructor is a Chinese graduate student; in class last week, when he was calling roll and got to my name, he said, "Isn't this some kind of drink?" Ha, ha! As one might expect in Athens, his only interaction with any form of the name "Margaret" has been in the bars, where he orders Margaritas.

Indeed, I must say, no, it is not just a drink. It is a name of Greek origin, and it means "pearl." Sometimes in older (really old) literature you will find descriptions like "She wore a necklace of precious margarets"; it means, of course, that "she" is wearing a string of pearls.

"Margarita" is the Spanish form of the name. Somehow it got attached to the beveridge. "Marguerite" is the French form of the name, and "Daisy" is the English translation of the French form ("la marguerite" means "daisy" in French).

So, you see, in ancient Greece I am a pretty little gem, in France I am a cheeful little flower and in Spain and Latin America I am a rather strong drink. In America I am only me, but that's not so bad :)

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  1. yeah, it was really warm... now it's cold again. but not snow. i'm sure it will be coming soon though :P

    that's really cool about your name! i didn't know any of that :) (well, i did know there was a drink that sounded similar to your name... but none of the real stuff about your name!)