Tuesday, January 10, 2006

So now it's March

Or something like that! This week has been incredibly mild, and, well, wet. It's supposed to be even warmer later in the week. Strange.

Besides the unusual weather, my week has taken other unusual turns so far. On Sunday I went to a General Assignment meeting for The Post, which is the independent student-run newspaper. The GA editor passed my name to the campus editor and he called today to offer me a job covering the Student Senate on Wednesday nights. Alas, the Senate convenes at 7 pm, and that's when I have a Graphics lab. Flush. Oh well. It only paid $15 a week - not enough for me, that's for sure! There was also a "reader solicitation" published in the Columbus Dispatch recently, and I was thinking about sending something in for that. No money for published submissions, though.

In case you didn't know, my sister is home from her vocational retreat with the Nashville Dominicans. You can read all about her trip (and her decision regarding whether she's called there) here. All this makes me excited for my trip to Alabama to see the Sister Servants later this month :)

I went to my first daily Mass of the quarter today. It was wonderful to be back, and there was actually quite a crowd, including several other college students. I was surprised! I guess some people have made a New Year's resolution to come to daily Mass :) In order to go, I had to skip my 8 am class, which is all right, as it is absolutely useless. The prof just doesn't believe in teaching, apparently; he just believes in telling stories about his past and gossiping about the Scripps faculty and administration. No Mass tomorrow, though, because the priest is out of town on diocesan business. I'm only going to skip twice a week, promise! ;)


  1. When are you going down to Alabama?

    I'm going down there to visit the world's coolest Sisters in the middle of February. I can't wait!

  2. I'm going to the women's retreat on Jan 27 :) I'm so nervous/excited!

  3. I went on that one last year. It's a bunch of women from memphis. They thought I was a "foreigner" because I'm from St. Louis (which is about 5 hours north of Memphis and a very similar city). At dinner, they told me that I spoke English incredibly well for a foreigner. My response was something like, "What?!?!?! I'm from St. Louis! Where did you think I was from?" The woman said, "I don't know! You didn't talk like us, so I thought you were a foreigner. I told everybody in my group how well you spoke English!"

    You gotta love Southerners!