Saturday, February 25, 2006

Official score

From the 2006 Ice Escapade:

One (1) fall, when I skated/slid into my roommate, Lauren;

Two (2) times around the rink without either lurching for the wall or holding someone's hand (look, Mommy, she did it all by herself!)

Yes, my friends finally got me to go ice skating. A couple of weeks ago we went, only to find that the rink was closed for a hockey game (shocker!). They threatened, cajoled, and yelled me into going, and am I ever glad they did! It was lots of fun, in spite of the fact that my paranoid fear of falling pretty much caused an adrenaline overload. When they brought out the zamboni, my two of my roommates Lauren and Lyndsey and Lyndsey's boyfriend and I amused ourselves by doing the wave, saluting, making loud animal noises etc. every time the machine went past. We got him to honk a couple of times. It was fun!

So now I sort-of-kind-of-not-really know how to ice skate. Of course, I was wearing hockey skates. I don't know if it's harder or easier to do it on figure skates.

Incidentally: I'm sure everyone is well aware that Ash Wednesday is fast approaching! I've decided to give up buttered bread for Lent. This sounds like nothing, I know, and it would be nothing, except that I eat a slice of buttered bread with just about every meal. Sometimes two slices of buttered bread are the meal. Disgusting, I know. But there you go! My friend Lauren says that I also must pledge to do new things during Lent, as another little sacrifice. Like ice skating. No problem - depending on what she and my other roommates come up with for me ;)

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