Sunday, March 12, 2006

Here, kitty, kitty

Recently a stray cat has been making itself comfortable just outside our apartment doorway. She has a lovely coat of orange-ish fur, and one milky, obviously damaged eye. She is also very large. So large, in fact, that we speculate she is nursing a brood of kittens in her belly. I wonder what we would do if she decided to just plop down outside our door and have her babies right there?

Anyway, I certainly don't mind feeding her. She is quite frightened of humans. The other strays I have come across here in Athens (I often run into them on Washington Street) are very friendly and purr constantly. They all want to be petted (and fed, obviously!). Our cat, who, surprisingly, we have yet to assign a moniker to, only lets one get close enough to plop down a plate of tuna/chicken/cheese-and-bread, or whatever the diner du jour may be. If you get closer, she flees.

Jenn said that perhaps her bad eye makes it difficult for her to see people well, and that's what makes her skittish. I wouldn't be surprised. I wonder what she will do over spring break, when we are gone for a week. I suspect that she has other places to go to and that we are not her only stop. Still, most of her helpers are pobably students, who will also be gone for seven days. I hope she figures something out... And I hope she doesn't feel "abandoned" or anything.

This is what happens when you try your darndest to procrastinate re: finals studying. You start pyschoanalyzing felines.

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