Thursday, March 09, 2006

Last day of class

Today all four of my classes finished up. We did course evaluations - how I always enjoy those. Not. When I have a rotten class, I always feel torn between really giving it to the professor good and my knowledge that I should try to be kind and give him constructive criticism. It's the old fallen human nature thing.

I'm happy to say that I was successful this quarter, as I actually always have been. I write really angry, righteous course evals in my mind, but when I take pen in hand I find myself softening toward my target. Like my sociology professor, who, in a discussion about the merit (or lack there of) of contraception said incredulously that everyone could acknowledge the glories of birth control, "unless you're against it or something." Like anyone who is against it is just thick in the head. It's not like some of the greatest geniuses of the western world (Augustine, Aquinas, even Luther) were against it, or anything. They must just be stupid, stupid, stupid. Not to mention the masses of humanity, including women, who object to contraception on moral grounds (typically members of the Third World religions which liberals always pretend to be very solicitous of).

Anyway, I got pretty mad, besides which her lecturing style would have reduced marauding two-year-olds to darling sleepy-heads. When it came to evaluate, however, I just asked her to be more tolerant. I figured being asked to be *tolerant* would really make her day since it was one of the main thrusts of the course :)

I only had one terrible class this quarter, and I went soft on that prof, too. What a mushy, mushy individual I am!

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  1. hi maggles! i'm glad you "went soft" on your proffs.. i don't think it's a sign of weakness; if anything, prolly a sign of strength :) thank you for your comment! i have not read that book, but given your praise of it it looks like i'll have to check it out :-D sounds like the quarter is over? have a good break! and weekend; i'll ttyl :)