Sunday, April 23, 2006

Happy Divine Mercy Sunday!

Sorry for the lack of posts. Yesterday, Time Warner Cable had a bit of a to-do, with a nearby transformer catching fire, blowing up, and shutting down service. Not only were we without the Internet, we also had no cable TV! A perfect recipe for cabin fever, I must say. Nevertheless, it was quite peaceful and actually fairly enjoyable. I realize now how much of my time is eaten up with checking my e-mail, reading blogs, and generally messing around. That's time I should spend praying, meditating... perhaps, on the joys of the Divine Mercy? Off I go...


  1. A transformer blew up!?! O.O Do you know how it happened?

  2. The only word is that it "was something electrical." Those cable company people really love to be specific, don't they?