Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Water trouble

Athens, OH, seems to have lots of trouble with its water system. A couple weeks ago, the pipes on the second floor of Grover Center, a newly-renovated, very fancy building, burst and flooded the place, causing quite a bit of damage and giving the university's insurance company rather a lot of work to do - after, of course, the $100,000 deductible paid by OU. And then today, a water main broke on Union Street, one of the main arteries into uptown Athens. They had to close the road while they worked on it. The authorities issued a boil alert for some places; in other parts of town, there was no water pressure at all. Apparently in the dorms, there is no water. A couple of my roommates saw huge trucks carrying bottled water up to the East Green and the West Green! Reason #573 to be glad to be out of dormitory housing. I can't imagine trying to shower with a bottle of water.

The houses and businesses on Union Street were also affected. Luckily for me and my girls, our apartment complex comes a bit before the place where the leak occurred, so we didn't have to go without water or boil before using it.

Today was also a bad day because I have been swamped with tests. Today I took a Communications Law exam, and I thought it went well. That, of course, probably means that I flunked it ;) Seriously, though, I think I did OK. Tomorrow I have an exam in Ohio History After 1850 (the course itself is as thrilling as its title, trust me) which I haven't started studying for yet (gulp)! Wish me luck!

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