Thursday, May 04, 2006

My birthday

Because of the howls of protest, I will now proceed to summarize my birthday, which was very much fun.

On Saturday, after I got back from Adoration (which is the BEST way to celebrate a birthday!), I received my first gift, from one of my roommate Lyndsey's old friends, Jordan. I got a lovely crystal rosary, four kinds of fudge, some stationery with a verse of the Psalms on it, a tube of moisturizer, and a St. Christopher vizer clip. It was so sweet of her to get me so many nice things! I don't know her all that well, but obviously someone so kind is worth knowing!

I got a beautiful rosary from my roommate Lauren, too. It has rose-shaped metal-work for the Our Father beads. Lauren also bought me a box of Cheddar Perogis, thereby feeding my addiction and earning my eternal love ;)

My roommate Lyndsey acceded to my demands and took me grocery shopping for my birthday. Yes, grocery shopping! I specifically asked for this present. Lyndsey, being normal, was originally not too keen on buying me groceries as a gift, but I, being abnormal and cash-poor, insisted that Yes, This Week's Groceries Are What I Really Want. Lyndsey also bought me a lovely blue skirt, which I wore on the big day.

My other roommate, Jenn, was sadly out of town visiting her grandma. Of course that's understandable, but we still missed her, boo hoo :( But she gave me a $20 gift card to Walmart (more grocery shopping money, hurray!) and also some... CANDY.

Saturday evening, we all went out for ice cream at the local Coldstone Creamery. I got the Cookie Doughn't You Want Some (who do they pay to come up with these names, anyway?). It was delicious. The whole time I was uptown I was wearing what can only be described as a hat an organ grinder's monkey would wear, as per Lauren's demands. Surprisingly, I only got a couple strange looks, and only one passer-by told me that I should be collecting little coins. Lauren took pictures, maybe I will see if I can find them.

Of course, I also agreed to drink an alcoholic beverage, as I am now 21. My roommates very helpfully bought tiny quantities of several varieties, so that I could just sip a thimbleful from each and see what tasted good. Except there was no wine. I have to admit that I pretty much hated the taste of everything; the only one I could even stand was the beer (the BEER!) that they gave me as a last resort. So I drank half a beer. But even that was rather noxious. Needless to say, there was no question of my going too far with the alcohol. When the evening began, I was anxious to keep a close watch on how I was reacting and to not intoxicate myself. I shouldn't have worried - it's pretty hard to go too far when you really dislike the taste of alcohol! How can people stand to get tipsy, let alone get drunk? Bleh. I hope my friends were not disappointed. In spite of my disinterest in the drinks, I had a wonderful time.

I went to bed around 12:30 after finishing third in a game of Imaginif. It was a great birthday :) The best part, however, was Mass the next morning. It was a First Communion Mass. Oh, the joy!

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