Saturday, May 27, 2006

Produce, produce

Today was a fairly productive day. I managed to get my last "final paper" done, although I still have to do the footnotes.

Most of all, however, I managed to make it to Confession. My pastor had already taken off all of his liturgical garments and looked to be closing things up, as there was no one else there, but when I asked him if there was still Confession that evening, he said, "Oh yes!" I was glad, as he is an excellent confessor.

Memorial Day weekend has been very quiet around town; most of the students take advantage of the extra day off to go home and attend the family cook-out. I was going to be headed home for my little brother Andy's graduation from high school. However, he has to start at Miami University in Oxford in August, and his time at boot camp at Parris Island has to last at least 90 days. So he is skipping his high school graduation and is already down in South Carolina. I would appreciate prayers for him; he is a strong young man, but I imagine that the process is still very difficult. They certainly don't coddle the recruits at all.

As I said, the weekend has been pretty quiet, but hopefully it will start picking up soon.

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