Thursday, June 29, 2006

San Francisco Oven time

Yesterday we got the high school group together again because Katherine was briefly home; she had about a week between Bowling Green and a visit to Connecticut. We went to another one of the restaurants in the "new downtown," it was a nice place - very much of a "Bay area" decor and vibe - and it was a sort of a cafeteria arrangement, so there was no waiter and no tip necessary.

After dinner we walked around looking in the storefronts for a little while; in the meantime, a vicious storm blew up, complete with threatening clouds and eerie distortions of the sunlight. We nipped in to the new library and strolled around there for a while. When we got out, it was still pouring rain; the sky was still dark but the streets and buildings were strangely lit up by a burning bright sun. Shannon and I made a run for our car (the mini-van, hurray) and then drove around and picked up the others.

A very interesting evening. I wish someone had a camera to take some photographs of the peculiar atmosphere of that storm; it all seemed vaguely apocalyptic in nature. But very beautiful at the same time!

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