Monday, June 26, 2006

Top 10 Things I Love About My Roommate Lauren

My good friend and roommate Lauren Patricia K. Recently celebrated her 21st birthday out in ABQ, New Mexico, where she is doing a glamorous PAID internship. She is just that good at what she does (designing for newspapers etc) that they offered to PAY her to do it for the summer. Anyway, I sent her a card in the mail (ahem) and I will be getting her a present for when we go back to school, but in addition I would like to inform my readers about what a lovely person she is, etc.

I love Lauren because she:

1. Owns world record for number of times she has successfully pulled off the nose-smacking trick ("You've got something on your shirt!" "Where?" ::Smack::)

2. Is always generous with her cutting-edge technology (Mac computer, zit-zapping heat thing)

3. Is arty and is willing to help others with arty course work ("Can you check and see if my package in InDesign is working? Pleaaaase")

4. Shares my middle name

5. Has cutest earring collection on planet

6. Has cutest shoe collection on planet

8. Has second cutest haircut on planet (Respondents in national poll picked Sarah Jessica Parker's hair as most cute. I consider this unfair as we all know that it is really a wig)

9. Never gives up, even when faced with impossible challenge ("Hey, Lyndsey and Jenn, let's make Maggie look cute for dinner tonight!")

10. Is generally a sweet and nice girl!

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  1. awwww I love Maggie!!!!!

    <3, Lauren