Saturday, July 08, 2006

On "holy kisses"

From the Boston Catholic Journal:
...A love that sees its goal in chastity and purity is painfully beautiful and it is already a foretaste of Heaven! The partners in such a love seek to love without selfishness and to love in God. It truly is a deep share in the Divine Love, a pure love uncorrupted by license and sensuality.

For those who experience it chastity is a blinding beauty, a beauty that can consume the soul totally ... for it comes from God and returns to Him.

Many look back upon their lives with deep regret for the choices they had made, the sins they had committed, – but do not be discouraged or dissuaded! Purity of heart can be regained, we can become like little children again: by His grace, and through His unspeakable, unfathomable love for us...
A very beautiful reflection.

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