Friday, July 28, 2006

Parting the clouds

Ahk...Do you know what is not my idea of a great way to spend a summer day?

Falling prey to a nasty illness, going to the doctor's to the happy tune of $53 (insurance? what's that?) and being told that it's just a cold and that I should take some over-the-counter stuff and rest up.

I got some strange looks from both my examining physican and the waiting room folks. I didn't exactly do a lot of work on my hair besides running a comb through, and my nose was sort of doing a constant drain into my handkerchief. Good stuff.

The doctor could see in my face that I was about to demand an antibiotic because she beat me to the punch and insisted that "At this point an antibiotic wouldn't do you much good." Sneaky! But she was right, the CVS version of Dayquil has been working quite well for me.

Offer it up, offer it up! It made me sad today, though, because I couldn't very well go to daily Mass and infect all of those pious souls and the priest, too, who is just recovering himself from a bout with the wheezes.

St. Angela Merici, patroness of the sick, pray for us!


  1. HAHA sounds like you went to hudson! Miss you, you see you soon!


  2. Maggie,

    Hope you are feeling better! Give my love and prayers to Elizabeth.

    Nice to talk to you on Friday!


  3. Antibiotics don't cure colds! Taking them for colds will only help super-viruses take over the earth.