Monday, July 03, 2006

Writer's block

Oooo, I am struck with the world's worst case of writer's block.

I think it is because I have no hard and fast deadline, so I subconsciously feel free to dilly-dally and generally over-think my writing.

The current writing project on which I am splitting brain is my first column for The Post. I'm trying to do a few columns over the summer so that I don't have to scramble for one during a bad or busy week.

Basically, this provides great opportunities for me to briefly indulge my tortured artist routine - even though it can't last long in my house. "I can't interrupt my train of thought to answer the phone, Mother. I'm creating." We shared a laugh. Then I picked up the phone.

In the past I have found that blogging or journaling seems to "lift the mist" fairly well. That's what I'm doing write now. I mean, right now. Auuuugh. Does anybody know the patron saint of struggling writers? I think I'll see if I can look it up. Mmmm, more excuses to procrastinate... ;)

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