Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Another week

Another column. This time on Papa's recent contretemps with the followers of Allah. Note: This time they identified me as a "junior" journalism major. Maybe that's just a web thing and they got it right in the actual paper ;)

Alas, as is obvious, I did not get a chance to write more "on the weekend," but I do not intend to just post a link to my column every week. That would be boring and unimaginative.

Let me tell you a very non-boring story about my roommates and the lengths they will go to in order to give me a hard time. On Sunday, I spent five or six hours at the library writing this week's column and doing some other homework; Sunday is unfortunately my busy day, between Mass, finishing class work, and my copy staff meeting. On my way home, I noticed that I had gotten a couple of frantic voice mails from two of my roommates detailing how Dearest Roomie Jenn had tripped over the ottoman in the living room, sprained her wrist, and was now at the hospital being attended to. I put some pep in my step, and when I got home, what did I find but Jenny lying in her bed with a most terrible-looking sling on her right arm.

After consoling her, I went up to my room to dither around, which is how I spend most of my time.

Long story short: After about three hours, Jenny and her conspirators(my other roommates) admitted to me that the "sprained wrist" story was, in its entirety, a crock. They regaled me with the information that she had changed the sling from her right arm to her left arm approximately 1,573,477 times without my noticing. She unwrapped her bandage to reveal a perfectly healthy arm.

They had me hook, line, and sinker. Touche, touche! :)

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