Saturday, September 30, 2006

Thump... thump

Yes, indeed, my heart is still beating and I am still breathing. Sorry for the lack of updates.

Bishop Conlon visited our county this week, and he celebrated the Sunday Mass at St. Paul's. The homily was excellent; he noted the phenomenon of people saying that they do not understand the Church's teaching, when in fact it's simply a matter of not wanting to accept the Church's teaching. I received the Holy Eucharist from his hands both on Sunday and at daily Mass on Thursday, which he concelebrated with our parish priest.

Catholic Student Outreach has been fun, too; it's wonderful and very encouraging to know a bunch of girls who share my values. Who'da thunk it, on OU's campus?

My mother recently received a letter from my sister, Sister Elizabeth. She sounds wonderfully happy in the convent. My mother cried because Sister Elizabeth addressed her as "Mama" in the letter. Mothers can be funny sometimes :)

No blog post would be complete without a link to my latest column. So here it is, enjoy.


  1. Excellent column....!

  2. Maggie:

    Wonderful column and wonderful post. I just wanted to say Hello and comment Betsy's letter.

    May God Bless you and your family!,