Friday, December 08, 2006

Great Christmas Gift!

You can listen to a beautiful sample by clicking on the button.


  1. wow you are really pushing this CD to all of your readers....maybe you should just buy a bunch and give them to strangers?

  2. Helllooooo Lauren. I think my mother is getting a whole bunch for Christmas, so maybe I will ;)

  3. Their accents sound very Irish! Are many of the nuns from Ireland? I thought they sang very sweetly.

  4. I don't personally know of any of the Sisters hailing from Ireland - I know Sr. Ave Maria is from Latin America!

    I got my CD in the mail today. The Sisters do indeed sound beautiful!

  5. And it's so pretty! Luckily, I ripped it onto our desktop, or we might have played this to death over Christmas! :)

    Thanks again!