Tuesday, January 09, 2007

So, who is learning more about the Providence of God?

Meeee. I'm learning more about the Providence of God.

So, today I am back in Athens, spinning my wheels while trying to get a hold of a professor who previously agreed to write me a letter of recommendation for graduate school (I am just going to apply and see what happens). The situation has been getting complicated, what with e-mails lost and the deadline ticking ever closer.

Additionally, I meant to go to daily Mass today at St. Paul's, but, as I am sadly not in the proper spiritual state to receive the Holy Eucharist, I talked myself into a lie: "If I can't receive Communion, then it's not worth going!" Untrue, untrue, untrue. It is always beneficial to be there for the Sacrifice, to be in the Presence of the Lord even when we can not receive Him under the appearances of bread and wine.

In all respects, I was feeling quite blah.

But then - just by happenstance - I ran into my good friend Kate, from Catholic Student Outreach. She took me up to her apartment and made me a delicious lunch of grilled turkey and baby carrots and told me about how there is a van going to the March for Life later this month! It was wonderful and very comforting.

I also ran into my friend Nicole Franz, from The Post. She, too, was searching out a letter of recommendation, but she was hoping to get it from Jeff Smith, the copy chief at The Post. We're all on "the hunt" this time of year ;)

And now, things seem to be working out with my professor. At the retreat last quarter, I tried hard to think about the ways the Holy Spirit has been active in my life. Some instances were obvious - my reconversion, for instance - but others were more difficult to remember: Often the Holy Spirit is very subtle. But I can really see his work today. I am very blessed.

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