Saturday, August 02, 2008

Big day

Today I did about six hours of traveling in the car. I went to a wedding down in Belpre, Ohio, with my sister, because I did not have an actual date and there is no way I ever go to that type of thing alone. Talk about awkward.

The bride is an old friend of mine from college, my roommate from my freshman year actually. She looked lovely in her gown! I knew the groom too from when he used to come by our dorm room (and later, after we moved off campus) our flat to hang out with her.

It was a fine wedding; they were united in a brief ceremony at the bride's nondenominational church. I had a pleasant conversation with the father of the bride before the ceremony got underway. Her parents are just so NICE.

Instead of throwing rice they had everyone blow bubbles. Very charming and well-executed!

The problem with weddings is that I always feel depressed afterward. "Who let the air out of your tires?" is a question you might ask. Who indeed. Betsy made me drive all the way both ways, maybe I shouldn't have done all that driving.

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