Sunday, May 16, 2004

"And the axe fell, with a shattering crash..."

Time to pay the piper. Face the music. Poop hits fan (how classy of me). How many other cliches can I think of? Oh, misery, I have got to get this Anthropology paper done tonight. It's supposed to be three pages, and I have, la, almost two. And that's if I use every font trick in the book. My group didn't discuss style continuity so our final product will probably look like a messy mish-mash of different fonts. Watch, some idiot (who has yet to reveal himself in all his glory - they all seem pretty smart to me so far) will type his up in modern font.

There was beacoup de drama here in the dorm what with the Housing Assignment Server taking a nice long nap. I hope it enjoyed its sleepy time, the heeeewre. I got a room in Lincoln, but that takes me away from all my friends. Definitely sob... Unless Leslie's parents break open administration skull/rear ends! Yes, if Leslie's mother is my clone, as alleged, then I know exactly what she will do, he he he.

Anyway, let's all cool down and focus on what's important: our festering resentment at having another four weeks to go when most other universities are closing for the summer.

Oh, Sweet Jesus and Mary, it's 10:30. I am, what's the French for screwed? KT, help me out here, oh fount of filth (I lovingly and admiringly mean that as a compliment, of course!). St. Jude, St. Thomas Aquinas, Our Lady of Mount Carmel, St. Augustine, Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception, Our Lady of Fatima, St. Philomena, pray for me. Moan. Cough.


  1. Don't worry, Ashley Harris and her sister are living in Lincoln next year! And I could possibly end up there as well. My room right now is only temporary.

  2. Yay! (for only temporary and might end up with moi in Lincoln) it must be sweet to have a medical suite, though. Ha ha, sweet, SUITE ... I'm tired, can ya tell? You got results anyway. Go Mrs. Morris!