Monday, May 17, 2004

I Would Hate Mondays, But it's Such a Cliche

Well, I did indeed manage to get my paper done. I was actually only up until 11:30 doing it! It goes a lot faster when you write crap. Everyone in my group had their parts ready and nobody's was a disaster, except mine in terms of diction and verbal style. I would post an example but I value your respect. (What's that? I do have your respect don't I? Snicker, snicker.)

Soooo, Betsy might be going to Kent State next year and living at home. Or, Papa think's she's going back to D.C. If she goes to Kent she's going to be an education major. Gah! Betsy as a teacher! Run little kiddies, run! Everyone pressure her to come see me this weekend. If she doesn't, I'll know she hates me and never wants to see me again and blah blah blah. Her E-mail is, and that's her IM name too. IM me if you want her phone #. Pressure, pressure, pressure. How juvenile of me! What's not juvenile is Journalism midterms which come on Wednesdays. Nooooo, not juvenile at all.....

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