Tuesday, May 18, 2004

Another Day, Another Drama Snarl

Weeeell, I guess things haven't quite gotten worked out yet re: the drama which had its poisonous birth in the Great Housing Disaster of '04. It begins to be somewhat worrying and annoying. Let's all play "We're Grown-Ups" and make up, shall we? Not that I'm at all mature, myself. I had chicken twice today. I am far gone.

Here's a little fun to brighten your day. These people seem to be nice-but-rather-freaky Christian folks. I mean, Bible-thumping, "say a prayer accepting Jesus!", "When were you saved?" types. What's funny is they have this thing here. Not the same thing as the Catholic version at all, but still pretty funny. And get this, they have a section on.... Democrats! ROFLOL. Yaaaaah, our Mary-worshiping pagan rituals are spreading, my fellow Pope-loving conspirators! :)

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