Friday, May 21, 2004

Ho Hum

Today was kind of from the twilight zone. I didn't really do anything and yet it's already 5 o'clock! Very strange. I guess I should get started on my homework. Yeah.

I went to see my advisor, the guy in Bentley. He gave me my DARS but we really didn't have a lot to talk about since I was accepted into J-school and they're going to advise me from now on. He was very flattering about my grades. I felt like I was supposed to burst into song, "Oh Daaaaahling, you don't mean it!" Etc. But it did pick me up a little bit :)

I had meat today. Chicken, la. I'll say a rosary tonight instead ...

Other than that nothing new. I guess all hell is breaking loose up north complete with hail and strong winds. Send some of that down here, I'm bored.

P.S. I fooled around with the HTML a little bit today, so if you find anything annoyingly wacky or broken, rip your hair out in despair. Then write me about it ...

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