Thursday, May 20, 2004

If only they would have chocolate cake

There was no chocolate in the dessert section of the dining hall line tonight. I compensated by having a large amount of ice cream, which I ate before the rest of the meal. No sooner had I finished the other items on my plate than my so-called friends (who are in fact fattening me up before they kill me and eat me and/or sell my meat) brought me another bowl full! With whipped cream and sprinkles and toppings of all sorts! They had obviously put forth a great deal of effort to present the munchy in a tasteful and alluring manner, so I was socially obliged to inhale most of it. Burp.

Remarkable discovery: The Art Renewal Center. Great place for classical art. Yar, take on those modernist abstractionists! My favorite pieces are by William Bouguereau -

Regina Angelorum, La Vierge, L'Enfant Jesus et Saint Jean Baptiste, A Soul Carried to Heaven, and La révérence "The Curtsey". I adooooore him. Hint hint hint, see my wish list ;)

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