Friday, May 14, 2004

I love library sales

Today I slept till 11 (are ya shocked?), went to the library, and bought a bunch of books for a buck a piece. The Fire of Love, Pilgrim's Progress, etc. etc. I spent seven bucks total, so I guess that's, doh, seven books. Yes, Betsy, you can read them when I come home. Speaking of which, here's another reason you should come see me next weekend: You can pick up your lousy birthday present. I'm starting to hate looking at it. I'm not hostile, I'm just sleepy!

Hmmm Palmerfest starts tonight I guess. Be careful, all.

I didn't have anything to eat today at all. Not one bite! And it's not a fast day either, or anything, I just never got around to stopping at the dining hall. Did anybody go to dinner? I kind of dozed off on the floor whilst doing my homework. Probably missed a whole lot. I guess that's another reason to feel tired - no gas in the tank. Must sleep now, I have a meeting at noon in the library for my awful anthropology project. G'night, sleep tight!

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