Saturday, May 15, 2004

Mmm, procrastination is delicious, and so is chicken

Today was Pretend Anthropology Project Doesn't Exist Day. It was highly successful, in spite of the fact that I had a group meeting for said project at the library at noon, which meant I had to get up around ten to be fully washed and dressed (I move at a slug's pace) all of which made me cranky.

I was mostly recovered by the time I ate my chicken (yes, chicken again, but I didn't have anything to eat at ALL yesterday, this is how I justify my addiction, he he he).

The rest of the day was highly productive as I managed to dawdle, procrastinate, and self-defeat with consumate skill. You might suppose from my performance that I have had a great deal of practice in the art (and I have!)

I went to St. Paul's for Eucharistic Adoration at 8. I thought Liz was going to go with me to Confession at 7, but Nicole said she went home or something :( Oh well. I said a rosary, prayed for vocations and orthodoxy and my family and all my friends, you know the drill. I got out at 9:15 and the streets were already pretty full with less than sober people crawling down Mill Street. So I went home along College Street, which was a little less ... Busy, you might say, LOL.

Nobody was home around 11 o'clock, and it's time for bed. Wish me luck getting to sleep, I've had a hard time of it lately.

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