Monday, May 24, 2004

I love philosophy, I really do

But right now I hate it because I have a midterm tomorrow. I'm so loyal and consistent. Sigh.

Today was a fairly okay day, except I had that test hanging over my head. I'll really have to hit it all hard tomorrow. I got a 94 on my Journalism exam - the one I thought I failed - so that was a big plus! I guess I'm just tired. My last few posts have been so downer-yish! Yes, downer-yish is a legitimate vocabulary word, because I can use it in a sentence: "No chocolate in the dining hall makes for a downer-yish dining experience." They ought to use it on the SAT.

My parental units want me to take the bus home. The bus? How am I going to cart all my stuff up that hill? ... Oh, blah. I hope everyone had a fun time at the Goodbye For Now Nick, We'll See You Again On the Hidden Camera We've Decided to Stalk You With party. Of course being stuck in Athens I didn't get to goooo. Why Nick, why couldn't you wait one more weekend? Sulk. Didn't you read the rule book? Everyone must arrange their topics of conversation, schedules, and collegiate careers around me. It's a great book ;)

Ha ha, here's a great article. Satan in an online Methodist Church ... interesting.

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