Sunday, May 23, 2004

Icky feeling in belly = cranky

Auuuugh. My stomach muscles are tied up in knots for some reason (probably just stress, I work too hard, ha ha ha. NO laughing, you, only I am allowed to laugh at my witty, sarcastic remarks!). Today was Ascension Sunday since Cincinnati moved the Feast from its regular day. I hate when they do that. And they do it all the time.

Sorry I'm grumpy! The homily was very good anyway. I'm reaaaally looking forward to heading home for a few days this Memorial Day weekend. I need the tune out and I'll be all rested up for finals, joy. I just gotta get through four days of class. It won't kill me, will it? Will it!? WILL IT!!?? ::: Breaks into panicky sweat ::: Ahhhhh you'll come to my funeral, won't you? Maybe these cramps will kill me first.

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