Thursday, May 13, 2004

Oh, Joy!

Whoo hooo, great news! Thanks for the heads up, KT. They're making a remake of everyone's favorite masterpiece (MY favorite masterpiece!) The Lion In Winter. Huh, Patrick Stewart, the guy from Star Trek? Should be interesting. Hopefully the live footage will be AP Euro History quality as we're used to, eh? Apparently they're using the exact same script as the original. Allow me to quote Katie:

"y'all know what this means...

"I know,
you know i know
i know you know i know
we know henry knows
and henry knows we know!"

someone hasta tape this for us (ahem *cough* nicky p *cough*) cuz it's on showtime sometime in the next few weeks. we can have a party!"

Yes, we must have a party. Even if the movie sucks we can still sit around and make fun of it.

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