Saturday, May 22, 2004

Yay for Indiana Jones

Indiana Jones is on tonight - and my favorite one, The Last Crusade! Hooooraaaaay! I didn't really like The Temple of Doom. Too dark and dreary. But Raiders of the Lost Ark was goody, obviously :)

Liz went to Confession with me! Another hurray! See, I told you it wouldn't be bad. They're always glad to have you back after a long time away :) It was two weeks since my last trip but he (I mean the priest) didn't call me a scrupe or anything. I'm trying to remember what my penance was. Hmmmmm....

I stayed for about an hour of Adoration and I said a rosary. For the conversion of Russia. Then I trooped back home for laundry. Blah, boring and dull. A little while ago we had an interesting time in the Study Lounge with The Ball. Also there are apparently numerous instruments of torture available at Walmart, including bull horns, "million candle" lights etc. Lauren found them out and now my life will be hell ;) or more hellish than it usually is, lol!

Now I'm gonna watch a little Indy and get to bed. I hafta get up in the morning, ya know!

Harrison Ford & Sean Connery = perfect perfect perfect movie combo ....

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