Monday, June 21, 2004

Fun links

La la la, let us begin this sojourn with:

Italy vs. Europe

This makes the typical cracks about Italian driving, etc. etc. However! The other Europeans are not that logical, to my way of thinking. This just reminds me of how much I like Italy and Italians. Te amo, Roma; te amo, Italia :) I think I said that right!

Now here's an interesting bit of fluff:

The Flash Mind Reader

This involves minor arithmetic and is actually kind of creepy. I'm sure there's some natural explanation. Hmmm, I seem to be quite thoroughly creeped out. I tried fooling it too, but it knew, dang it! I must find some way to kill it ...

And finally, in the pick-me-up news item of the day,

Dung Covered Virgin Mary "Art" Burns Burns Burns

All right, so that's not exactly the title of the article, but that's the author's sentiment, and mine too. I beg pardon from all the "transgressive" modern art folks out there who are deeply horrified by my transgressive refusal to grieve the loss of this piece which was, quite literally, made of crap.


  1. LOL! The cosmic rays emitting from my head and being whispered into the computer software's "ear" must have not been working entirely. Definitely screwed up the first time I did it. :) There's another one of those on eBaum's World. It involved a lot of math skills, if I remember right. Anyways, I did it with a ffriend, both of us picked different numbers. Hers always came up, but mine (I was on the on the computer) never did. Interesting tidbit of totally useless info.

  2. Hmmmm, your brain is defective Leslie! Just kidding :) It didn't work for my kid brother, either. I must be speeeeshal. ;)

  3. Or have a mind that's easily controlled. Beware of facists and Nazis!

  4. Hmmmm, yes, the possibilies for mind-control are endlesss... don't give Lauren any ideas!

  5. Heheh. I can see us making those tapes you listen to in your sleep for you. :)