Tuesday, June 22, 2004

He's baaaaaaack

Washington disgraced mayor runs again

Run for your lives, long suffering Washingtonians! Marion Barry returneth! You thought you had closed that humiliating chapter in your history forever, didn't you? No, no. Soon, you (and we, the morbidly fascinated bystanders at the scene of this particular Violent Automobile Wreck) will be treated to lectures on economic strategy, discourses on political philosophy, and numerous bon mots all issuing from the same brilliant mind that gave his public the immortal line (I paraphrase): "The bleep set me up."

Hmmm, the grammar god in me finds the title of the article awkward - it's as though Washington did the disgracing. It's from The Scotsman, they probably know more about the particulars of the Rule of the English Tongue than me, 'specially since I know (ahem) next to nothing. I also like how they manage to use the word "shambolic" twice. Merriam-Webster Online says it's chiefly British, which makes sense then. Spiffy vocabulary, Jack - kudos, kudos!

Note to self: Must use "shambolic" at least once in coming twenty-four hour period. As in, "Mother Darling your method of deciding how to discipline the rotten little boys is utterly entirely completely inherently and really quite truly shambolic. Use the belt."

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