Friday, June 11, 2004

One more night

It sounds like the title of a very bad "boy band" song (aren't they all bad though).

Almost done with school! Well, I technically am done but I've got to wait on papa and Eliza to come pick me up. Real sweet of Eliza to come! Yesterday was a big cleaning day. I felt badly because Mrs. Rowland was doing so much work and I was just kind of standing there like a bump on a log ... Nevertheless, I will leave the room in spit spot condition when I leave! I will get at the dust under the television! :)

I got 100.5% as my final grade in my Philosophy class. That means I have two A's guaranteed ... I'm still waiting to "clinch" my Anthropology. I have about an 89%, but she has yet to add in participation points! I only missed one class where Dr. Swatrz or whatever her name is took attendance. I think. You better not stiff me, Swartz, you rotter! Just kidding, she's not a rotter. Unless and until she stiffs me.

Isn't it awful how I can't even really remember her name? Disgusting.

My journalism went quite well today (cross your fingers). I think I wish I hope. I took my journalism book uptown to sell and was told they're going to have out a new edition next year so my text was worthless. Out of four books I managed to sell one back. So that means, I spent more than 200 hundred-odd and I got twenty-six dollars returned. Rats.

I miss everyone! It's so lonely here! The room has an echo. Really very creepy. There were nasty storms here today and I got soaked walking back from Scripps. Wouldn't I finish the exam just as the clouds opened. Double rats! I got back to the room and it was even more depressing, I had left Reagan's funeral on, and they were just putting him onto the plane to California; so I was soaking wet standing in this dark empty room watching the end of the funeral. Glad and happy days, hmmm?


  1. Magggles. You silly goose. i'm sorry you had a depression moment. don't be! see you tonight/tomorowmorning xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxxoxxo

  2. That's because it IS the name of a bad boy band song. "Just give me one more night... Uno Noche! A moment to be by your side" I think it might be Enrique or 98 Degrees.

  3. Hmmmm. So now I have boy-band songs subconsciously floating around in my brain. That's vaugely worrying!

  4. I think it was when Latin music was really big (e.g. Ricky Martin) and those four all-American boys wanted to cash in on that market.