Saturday, June 19, 2004

Sick of peanut butter sandwiches

I am! Sick of them. That's all I get to eat around here except for chocolate chips (yar I spoke too soon about there being no chocolate). If Mom wants to complain about me getting heavyish, she can try to provide some other kind of grub! LOL that's right, heavyish, not quite "heavy" yet.

Jeez, do I sound whiney. Perhaps, at the moment, my writing voice sounds like one long and superfluous whiiiiine? I'm sure that's as pleasant to read as it is to type.

I went to Confession this week - two weeks in a row! What did I confess? Wouldn't you like to know? ;) I went to the young priest again, although the old one was hearing them too for once. My penance was to pray for the Pope and his intentions, so my rosary went to that. Sometimes His Holiness annoys me, he seems entirely too sweet with people - sometimes not firm enough, with his brother bishops, if you know what I mean. C'mon, oh Vicar of Christ, crack the old whip! :) At the end of the day he's a sweetheart and I love him to death. He'll probably outlive me. All this rest and relaxation is killing me.

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