Saturday, July 10, 2004

Stupid Question

If you were having a baby (not that I am, mind you. Ha ha, you can stop laughing now) what would you name him? Or her if it was a girl?

These are my top five for girls:

And my top five for boys:

Vat do yeeeeeeew zink?


  1. A name like "Anastasia" causes a child to be savagely teased; if you must stick a kid with an unusual name, have some mercy and make it the middle name.

  2. Maggie, you have the suckiest names. ;) I feel sorry for your children. Eleanor is the name of the fat Chipette from Alvin and the Chipmunks. I think you should name the girls Leslie, Lyndsey or Lauren. But isn't this a moot point since you are going to be celibant?

    As for me, for girls names: Choloe Lenore and Olivia Bree; for boys names: Jacob Phoenix and Loagan Hunter

  3. Aw, geez, is the teasing that bad? I think it's so pretty. The poor kid can endure a little torture so that I can indulge my bad taste, can't she? At least she's not Gwenyth Paltrow's kid. "Apple." All those millions of dollars will make up for it, I'm sure ;)

    I love the name Olivia. My little brother's middle name is Oliver. I wonder what would happen if I started calling him Olivia ...

  4. Eleanor is just an ugly name. Elle is pretty. Eleanor is not. Name your kids what you want to, but that's the type of name that sends kids to juvie. ;)

  5. Ooo juvie that sounds exciting!!! ;)