Monday, August 09, 2004

At last (pant pant pant)

It's all over! I have survived! The 5 AM shift at Allstate is doooooone. Postmortem: It was a pretty nice gig and better than I expected to get. Toward the end, people started getting a little nasty. Not to us, the temps, but with each other. Apparently things aren't going so well in the Accounting Department - that's where we worked - and that's why they hired us, so we could pick up some of the slack. Anyway, the higher-ups have had about enough and the heads were starting to roll. Of course everyone tried to ignore the general unpleasantness, as it would no doubt be called if this was the Civil War Era.

Let's pretend this is the Civil War Era. It would please me - the boys can do the fighting and focus on being chivalrous and all that while I sit at home and read genteel lady-like literature. What's that? Massive amounts of suffering, catastrophic loss of human life, deleterious effects on social stability? So what! Who cares! Maggles wants her doing-nothing time! ;)

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  1. Frankly, Maggie, I don't give a damn. ;) You would like the Civil War era too much, because the women back then were old prunes like you! ;)