Monday, January 24, 2005

No human explanation for weeping Madonna

From The Age:

A study into the case of a statue of the Madonna reported to have shed tears of blood a decade ago near Rome concluded the event has no human explanation, an Italian newspaper reported today ...

... "Everything - they (the experts) say unanimously - indicates that in that corner of the earth at the gates of Rome an event took place that has no human explanation and points at the mystery of the Supernatural," Corriere wrote ...

... In February 1995, a five-year-old girl claimed she saw the statue cry tears of blood.

The 43-centimetre tall statue was reported to have cried a total of 14 times in subsequent months. The city's bishop, Monsignor Girolamo Grillo, claimed the statue cried in his hands.

"We have not proclaimed that the tear-shedding of the Madonna was miraculous," Grillo told the ANSA news agency today.

"But the facts speak for themselves."

Here's what the statue looks like:

The Vatican has yet to say anything about the matter, but it certainly is interesting. Like the Shroud of Turin, it is not de fide; but still, it seems that science has failed on this point.

I will maybe write more later, when I have stopped freaking out about this Confirmation class thing.

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