Sunday, February 27, 2005

It's that time again

Procrastination time!

The wonderful thing about blogging is that it can distract you from your other duties, including writing papers and reading text book chapters. La, la la.

I locked myself out of my room a couple of nights ago; you can imagine the wave of adrenaline I got from that. Visions of sleeping in the hallway outside my door were wafting through my head, but I remembered that one of my friends, Nicole, is an RA, so I ran up to the fourth floor, and she was super nice and got the key. Blehhhh.

I am so worried about the Pope. He always seems to bounce back from his illnesses, but the thought remains in the back of my mind: One day, he won't bounce back. It will be so disconcerting to have a new Pope; John Paul II was elected about seven years before I was born.

I will miss him terribly ... just thinking about it makes me a bit weepy, LOL :)

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