Saturday, February 26, 2005

Great Opportunity

Offer a spiritual bouquet for the Pope (click)

You can offer rosaries, Mass intentions, or just promise to say an Our Father or two. What a wonderful way to pray for the Holy Father.

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  1. off topic, but read this:

    Wednesday, February 23, 2005
    For Information Contact: John Aman
    954-334-5330 or via

    Petition to Save Terri Schiavo Generates Massive response

    FORT LAUDERDALE—More than 5,000 people an hour are signing an online “Petition to Save Terri Schiavo.” Schiavo, a 41-year-old brain-injured woman who has the capacity to respond to her environment, recognize voices, and who brightens at the presence of her mother, may be starved to death by court order, starting today at 5 p.m.

    “This is one of the strongest responses we have ever seen for an online petition,” said Dr. Gary Cass, Executive Director of the Center for Reclaiming America, which is sponsoring the petition campaign. “The life of an otherwise healthy 41-year-old woman is in jeopardy today, and thousands of concerned Americans are pleading for action from Governor Bush,” said Dr. Cass, who will personally deliver the names on the petition to Gov. Bush and Florida legislative leaders in Tallahassee on Friday, February 25.

    The petition urges Governor Bush “to take immediate action to stop the forced starvation of Terri Schiavo,” and calls for “legislative, judicial and executive efforts that will stop the forced starvation of Terri Schiavo.” The petition may be accessed at

    Cass also urged that calls and e-mails on Schiavo’s behalf be sent to Florida Governor Jeb Bush (at 850.488.4441 or; Senate President Tom Lee (at 850.487.5072 or; and House Speaker Allan G. Bense (at 850.488.1450 or

    Food and water may be denied to Schiavo beginning today at 5 p.m., when an emergency stay of an order to remove her feeding tube will expire. Michael Schiavo, the estranged husband of Terri Schiavo, has battled Terri’s parents in court for years in an attempt to end her life. Michael, who has lived for at least nine years with another woman by whom he has had two children, claims Terri would not have wished to be kept alive. There is no written request from Terri to document his claim.

    “Death by starvation is an extremely cruel and painful ordeal,” said Dr. D. James Kennedy, President and Founder of the Center for Reclaiming America. “Unless Governor Bush, the Florida legislature, or a court intervenes, the court-imposed torture of Terri Schiavo will take 7-10 days and end in what will be a tragic and, mark my words, criminal death.”

    Human starvation and dehydration is attended by hunger pangs, cracking of the skin, lips, and tongue; nose bleeds as mucous membranes dry out; and vomiting as the stomach lining dries out. As the process goes on, blood pressure drops, the heart rate increases, and blood is withdrawn from the extremities and redirected toward vital organs.

    “Thomas Jefferson,” Dr. Kennedy noted, “said ‘the care of human life and not its destruction is the first and only object of good government.’ A court order that mandates the cruel and unusual sentence of death by dehydration has violated the very first purpose of civil government—the care and defense of life. Governor Bush and the legislature must act now to protect the life of this defenseless woman. Along with Dr. Cass, I urge concerned Americans to sign the Center for Reclaiming America’s online petition and to flood Governor Bush, Senate President Lee, and House Speaker Bense with phone calls and e-mails on her behalf.”

    To request an interview with Dr. Gary Cass, please contact John Aman at 954.334.5330, or


    The CENTER FOR RECLAIMING AMERICA, founded by Dr. D. James Kennedy, is an outreach of Coral Ridge Ministries to inform the American public and motivate Christians to defend and implement the biblical principles on which our country was founded. The CENTER provides non-partisan, interdenominational information, training, and support to all those interested in impacting the culture and renewing the vision set forth by our Founding Fathers."

    linkage =

    thought you'd be interested...