Sunday, May 01, 2005

I can't believe it's May!

Already May. Wow, the year has gone by fast! Even faster than last year ... I wonder if this will be a trend as I get older - time going by faster and faster. It seems like it's that way. Doesn't everyone remember when they were a kid, and a single week seemed to last forever and a day?

Ha, I'm betraying my ignorance of psychology - I know that time perception is a perennial subject of investigation in the psychological sciences :)

The trip to Rome - and, uh, Europe in general - looks to be "off" for this summer. The air fares are too expensive in the vacation months, and it's coming up too quickly for us all to run out and get passports and things. So, instead, they're talking about Christmas ... That would certainly be lovely - Benedict's first Christmas in the Chair of Peter - except Betsy doesn't quite know her schedule yet, so we can't really plan anything. Bleh. I hope it doesn't turn into one of those things we always talk about but keep putting off, and never do. It's much cheaper during December, at least in terms of the fares we could get if we bought right now. Come on, come on, let's hurry up! And here I was complaining about how time moves too quickly. Fickle, fickle, fickle, I am.

Ohhh, I forgot to mention - I got a CELL PHONE for my birthday from my dad! My mom put sixty bucks on my cash card, that was her present. If you're one of my pals and you have a cell (of course just about everyone does, the Kostendt twins are always the last ones to emerge from the bat cave ;) and you want my number, just leave a comment and I'll e-mail it to you. And y'all have to send me your numbers, too! :)


  1. i want your phone number!!! :-D

    i sent you an e-mail with mine, that if you get it you can reply to :-P but if not e-mail me. i got it last time :-)


  2. Hey, I gave you my number babes! (AND I texted you!) You HAVE to call me now, lol. I mean, Betsy called me at midnight on Sunday, practically! (Lol, not that I MINDED, of course!)

  3. Ha! The only Carmelite with a cell phone that I know is an older extern, Sr. Consolata. Hint, they're not used in cells! Poor girl, join some other congregation-perpetual vows for you!

    Love and Prayers