Wednesday, May 11, 2005


I've been very lax about posting. If you've noticed, I've been fooling around with the HTML on this blog, adding links. Here are some of them:

Angry Twins - HA! This is a great blog. And the "Angry Twins" aren't even Betsy and me! You would think it though, wouldn't you, since we are twins, and also very, very hostile.

Natural Blue - or, I should say the full title, "Yes, I'm a Natural Blue" - my friend Shannon's new blog. Oooo, references to Finding Nemo! She always has interesting things to say, so check it out.

Stand Up Girl - what can I say? Awesome site! - Wonderful resource for anyone experiencing an unplanned pregnancy.

If you look in the sidebar, you'll see I've got a link to Live EWTN television. Yay!

And, my favorite part: If you click on the picture of Benedict that says "Oremus pro pontifice nostro" (trans., we pray for our pontiff) you'll go to the FSSP site, which currently is playing the audio from the announcement of the election of the Holy Father! I am such a dork, I sat and listened to it over and over again, remembering how thrilled I was.


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  2. :blushes: Yay, I'm "interesting"! Really, Mags, you'll give me a big head, lol. ;)

    Maybe you and Bets won't be the only people reading my blog after all...

    When are you home for the summer, btw?