Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Yay! Yay! Yay!

Look what I got in the e-mail today!


Your entry was one of the winners in the Randolph Stone Historical Writing Contest. Can you make it to the awards ceremony, next Wednesday, May 18, for the Undergraduate/Phi Alpha Theta reception, from 4-6 pm in the Rotunda of the new Walters Hall?

--Dr. Douglas C. Baxter
Chair, Randolph Stone Contest
453 Bentley Annex

I think he would have told me if I got first place. So it's probably second or third. First prize was $100, second was $75, and third was $50. So I'm at least getting $50! Ahhhhh.

If you remember all my complaints from last quarter, the subject I wrote on was St. Thomas More and his work with the humanist educational program, with particular emphasis on the Christian/Northern humanist element. I managed to get an A on it, and my professor suggested I submit it to the faculty for the contest. Good old St. Thomas ... He was always one of my patrons, and I guess now we're better friends than ever! ;)


  1. Mags, I'm so proud! :glomps:

    Do you get a nice little printed award to hang on the wall or something fun like that?

    Aaaaaaaaaaaah, Betsy, French is BAAAAAAAAAAAAD! :P


  2. so did you get first? come on, let us know!

  3. I won't find out about which prize I got until the awards ceremony ... I guess I could e-mail and ask, but I kind of prefer the suspense, that way I won't go to the meeting in a slightly jealous mood, if I'm a third-placer, which I suspect I am.

  4. We could always blackmail them and make SURE you got first, lol. I mean... ;) ;) :P