Thursday, July 07, 2005

New Vatican Document

The document that will serve as sort of the guiding document, the working draft, of the October synod came out today. According to this Beliefnet article,

The Vatican singled out divorcees who remarry and Catholic politicians who support abortion on Thursday in criticizing those who continue to receive Holy Communion while in a state of mortal sin.

Italics above are mine. The document goes on to note:

Some Catholics do not understand why it might be a sin to support a political candidate who is openly in favor of abortion or other serious acts against life, justice and peace.

Hmmm ... AHEM.

The document also suggests that parishes begin to use more Gregorian chant. Yay! Yay!Pleaaaase. No more Gather Us In, or I will fall, writhing, into the aisle ... Well, maybe not. But there is no reason the Offertory procession has to be a painful experience for those of us who know that out there in the Catholic world of music there is something better than a bongo drum and electric guitar mix?

Alas, change comes slowly. John Paul was a great promoter of Eucharistic orthodoxy, too, and it still took more than twenty-five years for things to start to turn around ... Although, before any objects, I would admit that he was not the great lover of Gregorian chant and Latin that Benedict is :) We'll see if any Gregorian chant pops up in the local parish choir's repertoire. Me hopes so; me thinks not, lol.

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