Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Oh blah

I am finding out that my job makes the summer go very quickly, simply because it numbs my brain. I hardly notice that the week is passing. I'm already done with my second day of work this week, for instance, and it still feels like Sunday. I wonder if this is what adulthood is like ... Time constantly slipping away, faster and faster ... Oh well, faster and faster means closer and closer to Heaven, or should I say, in my case, a lengthy stay in Purgatory. I hope. By the skin of my teeth.

Today while going through the checks I discovered that there is a fellow named Optimus Prime living in Cuyahoga Falls. Surely his parents did not inflict this on him; he must have changed his name as a joke. I can see how that would be funny for the first five minutes; however, I think it would get pretty old pretty fast. Imagine his wedding day. "Do you, Optimus, take Mary ..." Or just introductions in general. Does he use it as a pick-up line? I suppose it might work on girls who come from that particular generation. Then again, I don't know that many girls who were "in" to Transformers. I'm familiar with them only because my little brothers had an unhealthy obsession with the TV show. In fact, I still remember the theme song ... "Transformers! More than meets the eye!" Okay, that's the end of the dorkathon for today. I'm going to crawl back into the hole I live in when I'm not working for the Evil Insurance Empire With the Stupid Commercials.


  1. Wow.

    There's a name.


    Talk about long temporary fits of insanity! ;) ;)

  2. I know in Ohio, you have to appear in court to have your name legally changed and you ahve to explin to the judge your reasoning behind it. I would have loved to have heard what exactly compelled him to change his name to that! Unless he was named something like Jethro McCletus or Smelly Pheet.