Saturday, July 30, 2005


Did you know that the Pope has a blog?

Welllll, I would say, the "Pope" since obviously His Holiness is occupied with other affairs and has too much to do to spend time setting up a blogger account for our benefit. For instance, I suspect that he prefers to use encyclicals to convey his thoughts, rather than blogger posts. However, I would also say that "his" blog seems very much in tune with Papa's other published ideas.

It is called Musum Pontificalis - That's Latin for Pontifical Musings. Har har!

Got this from my sis.

PS. I got some very nice clothes today. My mother forced me to go shopping and pick up some things. That's my story and I am sticking to it! Forced, forced, forced! I am sure all of my friends are looking forward to seeing these specimens of my fashion "sense," also known as my fashion "no sense at all, and kind of disturbing at that."


  1. How can you be so darn cute and charming....?!

  2. Oh Maggie, picking up internet men again? ;) Anyways, I'm sure the clothes are fine...

  3. If you're complaining about what you were wearing Sunday... :smacks Maggie: I'M the one with self esteem issues here, gosh darn it! :P

    (Always accept free clothes from moms, general rule!)

    BTW, loverly church, the Latin was interesting, and my mom's more upset then I am that I couldn't have Communion... In an "Shan's not ACTUALLY upset at ALL" sense, lol. ;)

    Naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaw, Maggles is picking up guys oooooooooooonline! She's all grown up! :fake tear:

  4. The poor guy can't even give a complement without getting pounced, lol! Unless he's being sarcastic ... Hmmmm ;)