Thursday, July 14, 2005

What theologian are you?

Take the quiz at this link from Quiz Farm.

In case you were wondering (no doubt you are, with bated breath) I came out as Augustine, with 80%. Of course, it does not consider theologians such as St. Jerome, Von Balthasar, Ratzinger, or the greatest of all theologians, St. Thomas Aquinas. How could they leave him out? Blah.

I also scored high as Karl Barth (yeah, the anti-Nazi!) and Anselm. I was amused to see that I scored 60% Jonathan Edwards and 40% Charles Finney. Everyone who survived Mrs. Brickley's AP US History class will recognize those two names. Students in the hands of an angry history teacher! The horrors! Repent!

If you're not getting the joke, I would highly advise that you read about Jonathan Edwards and Charles Finney here and here. Then you will laugh and laugh at my enormously clever and witty statement above. Oh, ha ha. I am so funny. Ahem. Not. But I try, I try! And all my self-esteem counselors in elementary school worked very hard to reassure me that that is the Most Important Thing.


  1. I would do this quiz, but I don't even understand what "Eschatology" etc is.

    Seriously, I'm too stupid to take this test! :P

  2. Noooo you're not! :) Eschatology has to do with the "last things;" death, judgement, Heaven and Hell, and the end of the world. Some Protestants have an eschatology that involves a "rapture" of the faithful, for instance! I don't know where they get that!

    Personally I think you would come out as Karl Barth since he was the great anti-liberal theologian :)

  3. I scored as Anslem first, then Karl Barth, both = 100 %. I've never really heard of Karl Barth. Thought you might be interested to know. Talk to you later.

  4. Hmmmm... I scored as Barth.

    Good news:
    100% St Augustine
    100% Moltmann (now I get to look up who Moltmann was!)
    100% Barth (again?!)

    Better news:
    lowest scores were those theological thugs, luther and calvin, 33%.

    Just one silly question.... why no listing for two of my personal favorites; Torquemada and/or Pope Urban II?? SHEESH!!!

  5. I heard somewhere that there is a grass-roots movement to get Tomas de Torquemada canonized, simply because his ... um ... zeal is missed in the modern Church.

    Somehow, I don't think they're going to have too much luck with that ;)

  6. I think he should at least get a shiny gold star sticker for having to figure out how to spell "Tomas de Torquemada" in Kindergarden, lol. ;) ;) :P